Monday, July 16, 2007

Ten Thumbs Up

You'd never know it by the photo to the right, but Noah is now 5 (almost 5 1/2) and just started summer camp today.

Sometimes after a day at preschool, we would ask Noah how his day went. Two thumbs down, one up and one down, or two up? Sometimes it would be two up, more often one up and one down, and sometimes it was just neutral -- no thumbs. (Or maybe he just didn't want to bother telling us how his day was.)

So today when I picked him up from camp, I asked how his day was. As you can tell from the title of this posting, apparently he borrowed a few of his fellow campers' hands to indicate how good his day was.

Of course, this made us quite happy, as we were somewhat concerned about how well he'd adapt to the new schedule and surroundings. Especially in light of the big change he'll be undertaking in a little over a month -- kindergarten. But perhaps we have no reason to worry.

Noah is taking well to other activities, too -- namely karate. He's gaining poise and learning to pay better attention -- at least to Mr. Dressel, if not to us. He definitely seems to be more coordinated. And, we figure if he takes after us, he'll do well to be able to defend himself when he gets picked on.

So, we can hope that he does equally well with swimming -- one of the primary activities at camp. And this fall we'll enroll both the boys in swimming classes at a local indoor pool. Jonah, our water baby, will certainly enjoy this.

Of course, Jonah's no longer a baby. Now almost completely potty trained (he still wears a diaper at night, but it's often dry in the morning!), sleeping in a big-boy (twin-size) bed, and about to start preschool in the fall, he's definitely "growing up." But when I look at photos of Noah at this age (just shy of 3 yrs old) vs Jonah now, I can't help but think that Jonah still looks younger. Maybe it's the baby pudge (those cute cheeks!) or the fact that Jonah's a little shorter than Noah was at this age, so he's still a little chubby. Maybe it's just that he is -- and will always be -- my baby?

Whatever the case, they're definitely sweethearts, and I definitely give them ten thumbs way up.

[Side note: Hertzmania has been updated a little. See our Greece photos and also the best (thus far) of 2007.]


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